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Spanish Dual Immersion

Our Spanish Dual Immersion program is offered to incoming 1st and 2nd graders based on availability. We will continue to add another grade level until we will offer the program in all grade levels (1st-6th) at our school. 
For more information about this program, please see the following website. 
Why Dual Immersion?

Beginning foreign language instruction early sets the stage for students to develop advanced proficiencies in one or more languages.

Younger learners have the capacity to develop near native-like pronunciation and intonation in the new language. Studies also suggest that children who learn a foreign language receive cognitive benefits that extend to learning in other subjects. Immersed students typically demonstrate higher mental flexibility on tasks, ability to problem solve more fluidly and better communication skills.

Being bilingual enhances opportunities in government, business, law, medicine and health care, teaching, technology, the military, communications, industry, social service, and marketing.

To see the Utah Dual Immersion Model you may click their link for additional information on the program.
Spanish Immersion at Summit Academy Bluffdale

Summit Academy Bluffdale’s English-speaking students will spend half of the instructional school day learning subjects in Spanish and the other half learning in English. Each of our students participate in the same rigorous school curriculum in both halves of the day, with the same learning outcomes expected.

The DLI program is designed for students starting in grades 1 & 2.  Each year we will continue to add a year until we will offer all grade levels (1st-6th) at our school. 


In order to apply for the program, students will need to be accepted through the lottery and have their registration complete before receiving an application for the immersion program. Please note; The application does not guarantee enrollment in the program.